Chair of Information and Coding Theory


Applied Information and Coding Theory

  • Turbo codes, LDPC codes
  • Soft-output decoding, turbo processing
  • Space-time codes
  • Network coding

Digital Modulation Techniques

  • Adaptive modulation and channel coding
  • Superposition modulation (SM), Interleave-division multiplexing (IDM)
  • OFDM, CDMA, Interleave-division multiple access (IDMA)
  • Equalization, channel estimation, synchronization, interference cancellation
  • Low-complexity receiver design, graph-based detection

Wireless Communications

  • Baseband signal processing
  • Massive MIMO systems
  • Joint communication and positioning, swarm navigation
  • Software-defined radio and cognitive radio
  • Visible light communication, free-space optical communications
  • Molecular communication
  • Wireless energy and data transfer


  • Cellular radio (GSM / UMTS / LTE evolution, 5G)
  • Mobile underwater communication and sonar
  • Medical applications
  • In-car communication
  • MIMO radar