Chair of Information and Coding Theory

M.Sc. Julius Maximilian Placzek

Kaiserstr. 2, R. B-102 B
Phone: +49 431 880-6104
Telefax: +49 431 880-6103



  • Julius Maximilian Placzek, "Design, Analysis and Development of a Single Channel DC/DC SWIPT with GaN"



  • Julius Maximilian Placzek, "Optimierung eines Systems zur Induktiven Energie- und Datenübertragung unter Wasser"


Since 2019 Julius Maximilian Placzek is working as a research and teaching assistant at the Chair of Information and Coding Theory (ICT) and the Chair of Power Electronics towards his PhD degree at the Faculty of Engineering, Kiel University.

Reasearch Interests

  • Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer (SWIPT)
  • Gallium Nitride and Wide Bandgap power devices