Chair of Information and Coding Theory

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter A. Höher

Director, Vice Dean

Kaiserstraße 2, R. D-015
Phone: +49 431 880-6127
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Peter A. Hoeher (IEEE Fellow) was born in Cologne, Germany, in 1962. He received the Dipl.-Eng. and Dr.-Eng. degrees in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Aachen, Germany, and the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, in 1986 and 1990, respectively. From October 1986 to September 1998, he has been with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany. From December 1991 to November 1992, he was on leave as a PostDoc at AT&T Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey. In October 1998, he joined the University of Kiel, Germany, where he is a Full Professor in Electrical Engineering. From 2006 till 2008, he has been the Managing Director of the Institute for Electrical and Information Engineering of the University of Kiel. Since 2020, he serves as a Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. His research interests are in the general area of communication theory with applications in wireless communications, visible light communication, underwater communications, molecular communication, and simultaneous wireless information and power transfer - subjects on which he has published more than 300 papers (being cited more than 13000 times) and filed 20 patent families. He is one of the pioneers of soft-output decoding, iterative processing, and channel estimation for OFDM. Dr. Hoeher is an IEEE Fellow since 2014. He received the Hugo-Denkmeier-Award 1990 and the ITG Award 2006. From 1999 to 2006 he was serving as an Associated Editor for IEEE Transactions on Communications. He is the founder and managing director of a start-up in telecommunications.

Pioneering Research

Publication date Invention Applications
1988 Software radio (with H. Lang)  
1989 Soft-output Viterbi algorithm (with J. Hagenauer) GSM
1990 Soft-output reduced-state equalization EDGE, EGPRS-2
1990 LMS-Kalman channel estimation  
1990 Coded 8-PSK mobile radio system proposal EDGE, EGPRS-2
1991 Pilot-aided channel estimation in time-domain and frequency-domain with application in OFDM DVB-T, DRM, IEEE 802.11, HIPERLAN/2, LTE
1992 Block turbo codes (with J. Lodge, J. Hagenauer) IEEE 802.16
1992 Convolutional product codes (with J. Lodge, J. Hagenauer)  
1993 Soft-output DS-CDMA multiuser detection  
1994 Unequal error protection for DS-CDMA  
1995 Max-Log-MAP decoder (with P. Robertson, E. Villebrun) UMTS
1996 Helicopter-based satellite emulation (with DLR and IRT) DAB
1998 Turbo DPSK (with J. Lodge)  
1999 Channel estimation with superimposed pilot symbols (with F. Tufvesson)  
2000 Soft-decision simulation (with I. Land, U. Sorger)  
2001 Blind equalization with a-priori information (with X. Chen)  
2002 Single-antenna cochannel interference cancellation (with H. Schoeneich and S. Badri-Hoeher) GSM, EDGE, EGPRS-2
2003 Interleave-division modulation, IDM (with H. Schoeneich)  
2003 Improvement of GSM/EDGE by means of space-time coding (with J. Mietzner) GSM, EDGE, EGPRS-2
2004 Fundamentals on information combining (with I. Land and J. Huber)  
2004 Multi-Layer-IDMA (with H. Schoeneich)  
2005 IDMA-based uplink proposal (with J. Ch. Fricke and H. Schoeneich) 4G, WLAN
2005 Distributed space-time codes (with J. Mietzner)  
2006 Graph-based MIMO detection (with T. Wo)  
2007 Joint navigation and communication (with K. Schmeink)  
2008 Reliability-based ARQ (with J. Fricke)  
2009 Uplink optimization of LTE (with H. Wu) LTE, LTE-A
2010 Superposition modulation (with T. Wo, Z. Shi, M. Noemm, D. Hao)  
2011 Multi-dimensional graph-based channel estimation (with C. Knievel, G. Auer) LTE. LTE-A
2012 Model-based positioning (with V. Zeiger, S. Badri-Hoeher) Underwater navigation
2013 CutFM sonar signal design (with M. Noemm) Sonar
2014 Ressource allocation for MIMO-OFDM cognitive radio (with A. Yaqot)  
2015 Multi-mode massive MIMO (with N. Doose) 5G, Wireless Internet
2016 Low-complexity detection in molecular communications (with M. Damrath)