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MAUS - Mobile Autonomous Underwater System

Short description:

In this joint project of universities and industry, two cooperating AUVs made in "Schleswig-Holstein" are being developed for different tasks and built as prototypes.

The vehicles resulting from the project are expected to fulfill a wide range of environmental parameter analysis tasks in the area of ​​research and public facilities, as well as to inspect, monitor and survey port areas and shipping lanes. The system should also be able to support professional divers in their daily work. Tailored to the wishes of the respective user.

The AUVs are able to communicate with each other and to act in a coordinated manner within the group. They can also be used on small ships and boats up to a depth of 200 meters without complex logistics. The modular approach makes it possible to respond effectively to different users and their requirements.

The innovative concepts of this system include hybrid communication consisting of acoustic, optical and inductive data transmission and swarm localization.


Further information can be found on the project homepage.


The project is funded by:

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