Chair of Information and Coding Theory

Journal Publication on High-Speed Massive MIMO Systems

Dec 15, 2017

P. A. Hoeher, D. Manteuffel, N. Doose, and N. Peitzmeier, "Ultra-wideband massive MIMO communications using multi-mode antennas," Frequenz, vol. 71, no. 9–10, pp. 439–448, Sep. 2017. DOI


An ultra-wideband system design is presented which supports wireless internet access and similar short-range applications with data rates of the order of 100 Gbps. Unlike concurrent work exploring the 60 GHz regime and beyond for this purpose, our focus is on the 6.0–8.5 GHz frequency band. Hence, a bandwidth efficiency of about 50 bps/Hz is necessary. This sophisticated goal is targeted by employing two key enabling techniques: massive MIMO communications in conjunction with multi-mode antennas. This concept is suitable both for small-scale terminals like smartphones, as well as for powerful access points. Compared to millimeter wave and THz band communications, the 6.0–8.5 GHz frequency band offers more robustness in NLOS scenarios and is more mature with respect to system components.