Chair of Information and Coding Theory


Information on each of the courses is available in the module handbooks of the degree programmes and in UnivIS.


  • etit-115: Theoretische Grundlagen der Informationstechnik
  • etit-201: Grundlagen der Kanalcodierung
  • etit-305: Projekt



  • etit-5007-01a: Information Theory and Coding I
  • etit-5008-01a: Information Theory and Coding II
  • etit-5016-01a: Wireless Communications (DSP)
  • etit-6029-01a: Wireless Power Transfer and Smart Grid Communications
  • etit-6030-01a: Visible Light Communications
  • etit-6025-01a: Introduction to Radar Signal Processing and Algorithms
  • etit-6026-01a: Underwater Techniques
  • etit-623: Time Series Analysis
  • etit-7004-01a: Seminar Information and Coding Theory
  • etit-8003-01a: M.Sc. Laboratory Information Processing
  • etit-8002-01a: M.Sc. Laboratory Communications
  • etit-8007-01a: M.Sc. Laboratory Real-time Signal Processing