Chair of Information and Coding Theory

Chair of Information and Coding Theory

Research Focus: Wireless Baseband Communications


Radio Communications

  • High-speed massive MIMO systems
  • Turbo processing, iterative detection
  • Adaptive modulation / channel coding
  • Software-defined and cognitive radio
  • Localization and orientation estimation

Visible Light Communications (VLC)

  • Optical superposition modulation
  • Optical multiuser communication
  • High-speed optical UWC
  • Optical relaying
  • Visible light positioning (VLP)

Molecular Communications (MC)

  • Molecular channel modeling
  • Molecular modulation and coding
  • Equalization and channel estimation
  • Molecular multiuser communication
  • Molecular localization

Underwater Communications (UWC)

  • AUV swarm communication
  • Wireless data and power transfer
  • Underwater localization
  • Hybrid acoustic/optical UWC
  • Underwater sensor networks