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Journal Publication on Multi-Mode Antennas


N.L. Johannsen, N. Peitzmeier, P.A. Hoeher, and D. Manteuffel, "On the Feasibility of Multi-Mode Antennas in UWB and IoT Applications below 10 GHz," in IEEE Communications Magazine, vol. 58, no. 3, pp. 69-75, March 2020, DOI


While on one hand 5G and beyond 5G networks are challenged by ultra-high data rates in wideband applications like 100+ Gb/s wireless Internet access, on the other hand they are expected to support reliable low-latency Internet of Things applications with ultra-high connectivity. These conflicting challenges are addressed in a system proposal dealing with both extremes. In contrast to most recent publications, focus is on the frequency domain below 10 GHz. Toward this goal, multi-mode antenna technology is used, and different realizations, offering up to eight uncorrelated ports per radiator element, are studied. Possible baseband architectures tailored to multimode antennas are discussed, enabling different options regarding precoding and beamforming.