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Wissenschaftliche Beiträge

Publication date Invention Applications
1988 Software radio (with H. Lang)  
1989 Soft-output Viterbi algorithm (with J. Hagenauer) GSM
1990 Soft-output reduced-state equalization EDGE, EGPRS-2
1990 LMS-Kalman channel estimation  
1990 Coded 8-PSK mobile radio system proposal EDGE, EGPRS-2
1991 Pilot-aided channel estimation in time-domain and frequency-domain with application in OFDM DVB-T, DRM, IEEE 802.11, HIPERLAN/2, LTE
1992 Block turbo codes (with J. Lodge, J. Hagenauer) IEEE 802.16
1992 Convolutional product codes (with J. Lodge, J. Hagenauer)  
1993 Soft-output DS-CDMA multiuser detection  
1994 Unequal error protection for DS-CDMA  
1995 Max-Log-MAP decoder (with P. Robertson, E. Villebrun) UMTS
1996 Helicopter-based satellite emulation (with DLR and IRT) DAB
1998 Turbo DPSK (with J. Lodge)  
1999 Channel estimation with superimposed pilot symbols (with F. Tufvesson)  
2000 Soft-decision simulation (with I. Land, U. Sorger)  
2001 Blind equalization with a-priori information (with X. Chen)  
2002 Single-antenna cochannel interference cancellation (with H. Schoeneich and S. Badri-Hoeher) GSM, EDGE, EGPRS-2
2003 Interleave-division modulation, IDM (with H. Schoeneich)  
2003 Improvement of GSM/EDGE by means of space-time coding (with J. Mietzner) GSM, EDGE, EGPRS-2
2004 Fundamentals on information combining (with I. Land and J. Huber)  
2004 Multi-Layer-IDMA (with H. Schoeneich)  
2005 IDMA-based uplink proposal (with J. Ch. Fricke and H. Schoeneich) 4G, WLAN
2005 Distributed space-time codes (with J. Mietzner)  
2006 Graph-based MIMO detection (with T. Wo)  
2007 Joint navigation and communication (with K. Schmeink)  
2008 Reliability-based ARQ (with J. Fricke)  
2009 Uplink optimization of LTE (with H. Wu) LTE, LTE-A
2010 Superposition modulation (with T. Wo, Z. Shi, M. Noemm, D. Hao)  
2011 Multi-dimensional graph-based channel estimation (with C. Knievel, G. Auer) LTE. LTE-A
2012 Model-based positioning (with V. Zeiger, S. Badri-Hoeher) Underwater navigation
2013 CutFM sonar signal design (with M. Noemm) Sonar
2014 Ressource allocation for MIMO-OFDM cognitive radio (with A. Yaqot)  
2015 Multi-mode massive MIMO (with N. Doose) 5G, Wireless Internet
2016 Low-complexity detection in molecular communications (with M. Damrath)